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05/14/18 The Makin Raid of 1942 and Recovery of the Marines Lost in 1999.

11/7/16 Retired Navy Commander and Post 146 member Bob Noble was interviewed at Rancho Minerva Middle School in Vista, CA. As the students listened to Bob's life story, they were able to see history through his eye, and ultimately, learn about life, commitment, and love. See the video.

05/15/16: The number of Americans who remain missing from conflicts in this century are: World War II (73,161) Korean War (7,818), Cold War (126), Vietnam War (1,621), 1991 Gulf War (5), and Libya (1). Over 600 Defense Department men and women, both military and civilian, work in organizations around the world as part of the DoD personnel recovery and personnel accounting communities. They are all dedicated to the single mission of finding and bringing our missing personnel home. For a listing of all personnel accounted for since 2005 refer to this Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency link for more information.

03/30/16:The USS Hartford (SSN-768) surfaces March 10, 2016 through the Arctic ice. Submitted by David Kauppinen

01/06/13: The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors the 58,272 women and men who are named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial "Wall" in Washington, DC. This comprehensive website allows searching the Wall by Name, State, City, Military Unit, or Date. It also includes the circumstances surrounding the "ultimate sacrifice". Submitted by David Kauppinen

05/17/12: Have you ever heard of Operation Halyard? This story was kept under wraps for over 60 years. It is about the rescue of 512 airmen whose B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators were shot down over Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia during the final years of World War II. Read about this amazing rescue. Submitted by David Kauppinen

04/09/12: Have you ever heard the term Tango Mike Mike? Watch this 5 minute video about Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez who distinguished himself by a series of daring and extremely valorous actions on 2 May 1968 while assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam. Roy saved 8 men while sustaining multiple gunshot, shrapnel, and bayonet wounds. Here is a list of all Medal of Honor recipients from all wars and conflicts. Submitted by David Kauppinen

12/23/11: Submarine veterans and active duty sailors, the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc would like to keep you informed of our activities on a national and local level. We will send you an electronic copy of our quarterly national magazine, the American Submariner and our local publication. In addition, we would like to honor your service and be made aware by your family when you depart on that inevitable eternal patrol. Please contact David Kauppinen at Silver Dolphins